Vulnerability in Prestashop, Solution of Idenet design Web Saragossa

Recently Prestashop has published that has been detected a vulnerability in different versions from Prestashop which they affect to the system of generation of keys of the registries and users of backoffice of the stores online, that can be operated allowing accesses to the management system. Idenet is going to provide solution to this vulnerability in Prestashop to its clients in the next days.

Idenet will solve the vulnerability in Prestashop to its clients

Throughout the next days, Idenet would approach the solution of the vulnerability of Prestashop detected in all the facilities of store online Prestashop of its clients. If it detected some problem related to the keys of registries or users of its Prestashop is put in touch with us.

In the same communication of vulnerability in Prestashop diverse types of solutions offer themselves according to the version of installed Prestashop to solve the security problem. Idenet will come to implant the solutions offered by Prestashop to solve this vulnerability of security of immediate form in all the facilities of Prestashop stores of its clients.

You can obtain data about this vulnerability in the official official notice of Prestashop.