In Idenet we defined your strategy of your business Web in the social networks to take all the opportunities that can offer to your business in Internet. Account with the services of social average marketing of Idenet and begins with good foot in the social networks.


The social networks have received and will more and more continue acquiring importance in the marketing strategies online, already suppose a high percentage of the visits to webpages and stores online competing directly with the finders, not to have a marketing strategy online that includes the social networks and action of social average marketing can suppose lost the continuous one of opportunities.

We create your presence in the suitable social networks

We select to the more suitable social networks for your activity in Internet, doing the necessary configurations and professional personalisation for your strategies of social average marketing.

We adapt your webpage for the social networks

In Idenet adecu¡mos your webpage so that she is effective in your strategies of social average marketing, integrating services to share content effectively.

Strategies social mediate marketing

A thing is to be and another one to act, the social networks must strategically be dealt with a suitable planning, direction and objectives, and not as a simple entertainment for you or your followers. In Idenet we defined your strategy for social networks and the plans of contingency to avoid problems in your communication.

Integration of social networks in your Web

We integrate your webpage or lies down online with your social networks to show and to spread your activity in the same to generate confidence and interaction with the visitors of your page.

Publicity in the social networks

The social networks allow to create advertising campaigns good demarcated by niches of interest, as much geographic as of interest, age, sort and another type of attributes to show your publicity to that really can interest to him. In Idenet we created your campaigns of publicity in the social networks to secure the maximum efficiency of your communication.

Implantation and formation in social tools

An ample range of services exists cloud and tools to facilitate the management to you of your activity in social networks, to increase the effectiveness and to reduce the times of management. Idenet can recommend to you most suitable to your needs, to give you to formation and support for the tools of management of social networks.

Attention to the client in the social networks

More and more the clients use the social networks to ask for attention post-sales pre-sale and, with the consequent multiplication of channels by which to give attention to the client. In Idenet we taught to you to integrate your attention to the client through services cloud and specialized software that the social channel includes. He effectively takes care of your clients whatever means by which they consult to you.

Social average marketing and marketing of contents

The strategies of social average marketing in social networks closely are related to the strategies of marketing of contents, a good spread good content and oriented in the social networks it can generate viral behaviors that will give much visibility to your business in Internet. In Idenet we designed strategies that contemplate 360º of marketing online.

Social budget mediates marketing

Solicit estimated from us to define a strategy of social networks for your business.


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