We offer all the necessary services Web for your page or lies down online, to always assure that your project to you in Internet tendra the best support.


We subcontract and we managed services of third parties that can be necessary for your activity in Internet and we made sure the correct benefit of the service and that enters within the strategy of your business, saving costs and winning in effectiveness. It takes advantage of our experience in managing integral projects Web to add services of added value to your activity in Internet. Hosting, domains, post office, certificates, advising, consultancy, formation, analysis, dashboards, measurement, seals of confidence, etc€¦

Web Hosting and domains

The technological part of a project Web is one of its fundamental pillars. Idenet manages from the hiring of domains, to remote backup copies increases to them, so that your Web this always stable and prot©g©e before technical incidences.Web Hosting and domains €œ

Advising Web and consultancy

Any project in Internet evolves of continued form and it faces the own evolution of the technologies. Account with services Web of advising and consultancy of Idenet not to queadar to you back.Advising Web and consultancy €œ

Dashboard Idenet

We put it to you easy. The analytical Web and the tools of analytical not always are easy to use and less still To interpret. Contract dashboards of Idenet and knows in real time the evolution your Web without complications, having all the information to make the best decisions.Dashboard Idenet €œ


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