In Idenet we offer an ample range of exclusively oriented services to the commerce online for the improvement and extension of the stores online of our clients.


To have your perfectly up-to-date virtual store, on the suitable lodging that contributes to speed and stability to him, integrated with external services of added value, that has the modules and adapted tools to its efficient management, that offers the best experience of user and a correct usability is values that increase to the quality of your store online and the satisfaction of your clients.

Integration outpost

To integrate your commerce online with software of management ERP, CRM, SCM, or services online of attention to the client, mailing, etc€¦ will improve their management, administration and automatization of tasks as the invoicing, management of shipments, attention to the client and the knowledge of your clients helping to discover new niches you of market and possible actions of marketing and promotion.

Social integration

The social networks and the integrated social activity in your store online will give a greater projection him and will increase their credibility before the visitors the same. We integrate social networks, commentaries, valuations and systems to share your contents in the social networks of your visitors to increase to the value and the positive perception of your store online.

Certificates of security

The security is a key factor in the electronic commerce and one of the factors that sensation of security in the consumer contributes to major. We manage the hiring and technical installation of services of certification SSL for codification of communications within your store online.

Services online of attention to the client

To have a chat online of attention to the client and integration with tools of attention to the client online they will facilitate and improve the level of satisfaction of your clients having helped to solve any indicencia effectively and controlled, contributing a continuous experience of improvement in the deal online with your clients. Diverse Idenet installs and Integra solutions of attention to the client online in your electronic commerce.

Tools of payment outposts

In addition to the habitual forms of payment online payment methods exist that can contribute certain operative advantages to your store online and to your buyers, as the banking transference online registered letter, services of payment online as iupay, paycheck, western union or systems of financing on credit of the purchases online. We adapt the systems of payment to the type of product and client of your electronic commerce.

Google analytics for electronic commerce

We adequately form the tools that Google Analytics for the measurement of the activity in the electronic commerce and the control of income by conversion offers, measuring the results of sales by traffic source so that you can know the yield your investments in marketing, promotion, communication and publicity online.

Legal adjustment of your store online

The electronic commerce generally and certain activities in particular are regulated legally for their commercial activity online. We adapt your virtual store to general the legal conditions as as much concrete so that you fulfill the legal conditions of your activity in the electronic commerce.

Seals of confidence

The seals of confidence and the allegiance to conduct codes online contribute to the clients a greater security and confidence in addition to certain advantages at the time of demanding their rights, to the commerce it contributes to cover advantages before the fraud and a greater legal fulfillment to him of estandar©s transmitting a commitment in favor of his clients.

Services of marketing online of Idenet

Idenet offers an ample range of services for the promotion and publicity of virtual stores and commercial activities online. We develop your plan of marketing, communication, contents and publicity for your virtual store.
Consultation our services of marketing for commerce online.

Services Web of Idenet

We offer complementary services Web to your project of commerce online to give the best support to your virtual store. Dedicated lodging, backup copies, support and advising. It knows the services for commerce online that offers Idenet.

Budget electronic commerce

Ask for the budget to us for your electronic commerce with all the services that you need.


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