We helped you to improve your positioning Web in finders with SEO, a set of related techniques to each other that they have as objective which they find your Web, products or services in Internet through the finders.


In Idenet loans all the services SEO of a unified form to secure the greater effectiveness of the set of efforts to position better your webpage in the finders. You are technical include from the statistical study of key words, the analysis of the competition, behavior of user, technical actions for optimization Web, contained adapted to be excellent in the finders. We can improve the positioning of your Web so that it finds it who really is intersado in your products or services.

High in finders and inclusion in services

We carry out the correct initial indexing in the main finders and directories of Internet related to your activity and in the main generalist finders, publication of map xml, discharge in google Web to mastercenter, google mybusiness, bing€¦

Study and analysis of key words

In Idenet we used tools outposts of analytical SEO with which to discover the suitable key words to use in your webpage and to really compete in the finders by a better positioning by the key words that atra©n visitors of quality and interest for your business.

Study of situation SEO

We realise a complete study of situation of your Web and your competition in Internet, considering factors of programming, technological, strategic, key words, positioning Web and diffusion of external links, with the purpose of establishing the strategy and activities to follow in each case.

SEO T©cnico

For the finders all the factors are important at the time of evaluating the relevance of a webpage and to show it in his results search, from the domain used, antiquity and relevance, to the speed of load of the page, activated safe protocols, we analyzed these points and we make the adapted prouestas you to improve the technical factors of the SEO.

SEO of contents internal

The content is the king, or so they say. The content must be of original quality and, but mainly it must be useful and to be oriented to our potential clients and market, relating it to the key words that will give competitiveness to your webpage. In Idenet we developed oriented strategies of contents to improve the positioning.

Analytical SEO for search engine optimization

It is important to measure well and adequately the evolution of the results of the actions SEO in which it is reversed, with the purpose of to correct what it does not finish working and harnessing what offers better results. In Idenet we are expert in analytical Web for SEO and studies of evolution by quantifiable results.

Generation of backlinks SEO

The external pages that aim at your webpage, the times which your contents in the social networks and your own activity in the same share are a factor fundamental to position itself in the finders. We helped you to define strategies to generate quality links towards your webpage to improve its positioning in the finders.

Schema €“ Microformats, semantic Web and SEO

The semantic Web is the future of Internet and many finders are already using these models of micro semantic labelling of contents. Idenet realises and implants modules so that you can microlabel your contents and favor information to the finders that facilitate the improvement of the positioning Web of your page or lies down online.

SEO Posicionamiento budget Web

Solicit estimated from us to improve the positioning of your webpage or lie down virtual and to facilitate that they find you in Internet.


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