In Internet means and hundreds of services different exist million where to promote your webpage or to publicize your virtual store and its products. You do not limit yourself the finders and looks for the strategy of marketing online that combines the possibilities adapted to your business and activity, of all the existing ones.


Comparators of prices, marketplaces, permisi³n marketing, concentrators of supplies, coupons of discount, notes of press, programs of loyalty, announcements display in specialized and generalist means, platforms of blogging, systems of affiliation€¦. it is only a sample of everything what you are leaving outside your strategy of marketing in Internet but accounts with professional services of marketing online. In Idenet we analyzed all the possibilities and we created the communication plans, suitable promotion and publicity online more to your business, to optimize your investment and to secure the maximum yield.

Publicity display in means

In Idenet we realised the study and selection of means, design of creativities, hiring of spaces and realised the launching and pursuit of your visual campaigns publicity multimedia in Internet.

Notes of press and SEO

In Internet million information means exist on which it is possible to be counted, wrote up and sent your notes of press for online means, to communicate and always considering the contribution to the SEO of these publications.

Systems of affiliation

Thousands of people turn their likings into a source of income through the afiliciaci³n systems. You do not fail to take advantage of the power of the recommendation in blogs, social and average networks multimedia that offers Internet to you. We work with the main networks of affiliation and created affiliation systems to size.

Market you please

In Internet also the great surfaces exist, are market you please, some great concentrators of demand where you can publish and sell your products, a channel where to secure to sales and new clients more. We take to end the technical and administrative actions so that you take advantage of marketplaces for your electronic commerce.

Comparators of prices

The comparators of prices are a powerful tool in which to connect with new buyers your store online and to present products your store online. We adapt your virtual store to be able to integrate itself with the comparators of prices that interest more to your business.

Concentrators of supply

Certainly you know them. Pages of supplies, coupons, groups of purchase€¦ are all a commercial force in Internet with million subscribers who receive their supplies daily. Beam that also receives yours. We helped you to be among them and to design your supplies to promote them in specialized sites.

Budget publicity in Internet

Ask to us more on the options adapted to publicize your business in Internet.


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