The publicity of payment by click (PPC) or publicity in finders, more concretely the publicity in Google through its system Google Adwords is one of average the more cash to obtain to clients and visits of quality to your webpage.


Account with professional services of publicity, management of campaigns and pursuit of results to secure the best yield of your investment in publicity in finders. In Idenet we have personnel specialized in the creation and management of campaigns of publicity in Google Adwords.

Planning, configuration and launching of campaigns

In Idenet est¡mos customary to the correct planning by objectives and direction of campaigns in Google Adwords, evaluating multiple factors effectively to send your campaigns of publicity in Google.

Pursuit and improvement of campaigns Google Adwords

We realise a continuous pursuit of the evolution of your campaigns for its improvement in real time of the factors that optimize the results of return of the investment realised according to the noticeable objectives and the realised investment.

Adwords publicity integrated with Google Shopping

Google shopping is the finder specialized in products where the catalogue is published compelto of your store online, this catalogue can tie with the campaigns of Adwords to show products related to searches in Google of visual and very effective form. If you have a virtual store uses campaigns integrated with Google Shopping.

Integration of Google Adwords with Google Analytics

It is important to measure the results of the investments that you realise in publicity, for it Idenet Integra your advertising campaigns in Google Adwords with the tool of analytical Web: Google Anal­tics, with the purpose of having the best information of results and effectiveness of the campaigns to realise a continuous improvement of your advertising campaigns.

Publicity in the network adsense of Google

To associate your publicity to excellent contents related to your products or services is a good strategy that will improve your pubicitarios results, to obtain this Idenet designs campaigns display for selected means of the network of publicity of external sites of Google. The publicity is not only in the searches.

Campaigns of retargueting advanced

Google Adwords offers systems of retargueting advanced that allows to show announcements us peronas that they have been interested in your webpage or products of your store online, reinforcing the memory and obtaining that they return. Contract your campaigns with retargueting not to lose the interest of a single client.

Landing pages

In Idenet we designed landing pages that increase the conversion and action of the visits that arrive from advertising campaigns, designed pages to bring about the action of the visitor and to facilitate the decision making related to the campaign messages. In order to increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns to size order landing pages to us for your announcements.

Improvement of SEO with Google Adwords

To make publicity in Google does not improve the positioning Web of the announced page, but it offers a volume of important information and excellent that it can be used later in SEO actions, to know the key words that more yield offer, the pages that more good work facing the client or the messages which they convince more they are information that Idenet knows to use in strategies of SEO and contents.

Budget publicity in Finders

Solicit estimated from us to plan, to create and to manage your campaigns of publicity with Google Adwords.


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