Protection of data

In accordance with the arranged thing in Statutory law 15/1999, into Protection of Data of Car¡cter Personal (LOPD) and its norm of development, the person in charge of the website, in accordance with the had thing in Art. 5 and 6 the LOPD, informs to all the users of the website whom they facilitate or they are going to facilitate his personal data, that these will be incorporated in an automated file that are properly enrolled in the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data with record number and code of inscription 2132911287 whose person in charge is Idenet Internet & Multimedia Consulting limited liability company.

The users, by means of the marking of the square, accept specifically and of free and unequivocal form that their personal data are treated on the part of the lender to realise the following purposes:

  1. Remission of advertising commercial communications by social e-mail, fax, SMS, MMS, communities or any other electronic or physical, present or future means, that it makes possible to realise communication commercial. These commercial communications will be related on products or services offered by the lender, as well as on the part of the collaborators or parthners with which this one had reached some agreement of commercial promotion between its clients. In this case, the third parties never will have access to the personal data. In any case the commercial communications will be realised on the part of the lender and will be of products and services related to the sector of the lender.
  2. To realise statistical studies.
  3. To transact orders, requests or any type of request that is realised by the user through anyone of the contact forms which they are put at the disposal of the user in the website of the company.
  4. To send the bulletin of the news of the webpage.

The lender specifically informs and guarantees the users who their personal data will not be yielded in any case to third companies, and that whenever it go to be realised some type of cession of personal data, of previous form, would ask for the consent express, informed, and unequivocal on the part of the holders.

All the data asked for through website are obligatory, since they are necessary for the benefit of an optimal service to the user. In case all the data are not facilitated, the lender does not guarantee that the information and facilitated services completely are fit to their needs.

The lender guarantees in any case to the user the exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, information and opposition, in the terms ready in the effective legislation. For this reason, in accordance with the arranged thing in Statutory law 15/1999, of Protection of Data of Car¡cter Personal (LOPD) he will be able to exert his rights sending an express request, next to a copy of his national identity document, through the following means:

  • By means of our form of contact
  • Postal mail: Gran Via 5, Entlo. Dcha. 50006 Saragossa (Spain)

In the same way, the user will be able to terminate himself of anyone of the facilitated services of subscription clicking in the section to terminate itself of all the e-mails sent on the part of the lender.

The lender has adopted all the technical measures and of organization necessary to guarantee the security and integrity of the personal character data that try, as well as to avoid his loss, alteration and/or nonauthorized access on the part of third parties.

Use of cookies and the file of activity

The lender by their own account or the one of a third party contracted for the benefit of services of measurement, can use cookies when a user sails by the website. The cookies are files sent to the navigator by means of a Web server in order to register the activities of the user during their time of navigation.

The cookies used by the website are only associated with an anonymous user and his computer, and they by themselves do not provide the personal data of the user.

By means of the use of the cookies is possible that the servant where is the Web, recognizes the navigating Web used by the user for the purposes of which navigation is simpler, allowing, for example, the access to the users who have registered themselves previously, to accede to the areas, services, promotions or contests reserved exclusively to them without having to register itself in each visit. They are also used to measure the hearing and parameters of the traffic, to control the progress and incoming number.

The user has the possibility of forming his navigator to be warned of the reception of cookies and to prevent his installation in his equipment. Please, he consults the instructions and manuals of his navigator to extend this information.

In order to use the website, he does not turn out necessary that the user allows the installation of the cookies sent by the website, or the third party that acts in its name, still with the possibility that is necessary that the user initiates a session as so in each one of the services whose benefit requires the previous registry or €œlogin€.

The cookies used in this website have, in any case, temporary character with the only purpose of making more effective their later transmission. In no case the cookies will be used to collect of personal character.

Directions IP

The servers of the website will be able to detect of automatic way direction IP and the name of domain used by the user. A direction IP is a number assigned automatically to a computer when this one is connected to Internet. All this information is registered in a file of activity of the servant properly registered who allows the later processing of the data with the purpose of to obtain only statistical measurements that allow to know the number of impressions of pages, the number of visits realised to the services Web, the order of visits, the joining point, etc.


The website uses generally accepted safety techniques of the information in the industry, such as firewalls, cryptographic procedures of access control and mechanisms, all this with the intention of avoiding the nonauthorized access to the data. In order to achieve these aims, the user/client accepts that the lender collects data for effects of the corresponding authentication of the access controls.

All process of hiring or that entails the introduction of personal data of high character (health, ideology,€¦) always they will be transmitted by means of safe communication protocol (Https://,€¦), of such form that no third party has access to the information transmitted via electronics.

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