The marketing of contents is the area of the marketing that it has by objective to generate €œengagement€, an entailment with clients and possible clients through the creation of useful and attractive contents correctly spread through Internet.


To establish strategies of marketing of contents entails to understand to our clients and market, to understand its needs and to think about the utility that we can contribute from our experience and knowledge to them with the information through the contents. In Idenet we created your strategy of contents, we helped to take it you to end and we aligned it with strategies of SEO, social networks and corporative communication, contributing value to the global strategy of your company in Internet.

Strategy of contents

We develop to your strategy of contents studying your market, listening your clients, defining the thematic one, suitable direction and formats more for your marketing of contents.

Creation of corporative blog

The corporative blog surely is one of average the more cash in the one than to include contents for their diffusion to your clients and possible clients, being supported diverse formats of contents. Always basing it on a good strategy defined and with some clear objectives.

Publishing planning

In the strategies of contents the publishing planning facilitates the organization, selection of subjects of interest for your market and contributes the necessary and suitable stability with which to communicate with your clients. We helped you to carry out a planning adapted for your market and clients.

Creation of contents

You know doesn't that speaking and that it interests your clients, but occur you or to write or to create contents multimedia? You do not worry, Idenet is in charge to create the contents on the basis of the strategy and publishing planning and to provide them to you with the necessary regularity.

Diffusion of contents

If it is important to create content, equal of necessary is to know how to spread it suitably so that it arrives at your clients and market by average the most suitable ones and preferred by them. We study that average they agree more to your contents and we helped to spread them suitably you.

Alignment with Social SEO and Networks

Although the main objective of the marketing of contents is not the SEO, will make an important contribution to your search engine optimization and to your relevance with respect to the social finders and networks, it is important to take advantage of the effort and to align it with your strategies of SEO and Social Networks.

Budget marketing of contents

Solicit estimated from us to create your strategy of marketing of contents and to generate interest between your clients.


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