logo-Paypal-info-PaypalWhat is Paypal?

Paypal is the fast and safe form to send and to receive money without sharing the financial information.

For companies, it is a system that can use to receive payments electronically, in different currencies, without having to hope at that they arrive and the checks are compensated. It can begin to accept payments with debit card and credit in Internet in a matter of minutes.

For its clients, also he is more comfortable to pay by Internet, because they do not have to introduce financial or personal the information whenever they buy. They will only have to introduce an email address and a password to complete the payment.

Advantages of Paypal

  • The clients can decide on payments with debit card, credit card or bank account.
  • He protects his company against frauds and returns of position.
  • Without tariffs of establishment, monthly or of cancellation.
  • Faster, and more surely more comfortable for its clients.
  • He makes business with 190 countries in 24 currencies and increases the sales.

The best solution of Paypal for its company

Weblia.es has preintegrated Payment express of Paypal, which allows that their clients realise the payment process a few steps, which help to that its company reduces the rate of abandonments during the payment process, one of the most important challenges to those than faces the electronic commerce.

Idenet is to partner of Paypal, reason why to accept Paypal in its website will be to him very easy: programming is not required. It can begin to accept payments in a matter of minutes.

In order to begin, it is necessary to complete a process of two steps

Step 1 €“ Registry

To register a Paypal account is free and to begin to use minutes are not needed more it than some. It goes to www.paypal.es, it clicks in €œRegisters itself€, selects €œBusiness Account€ and fills in the form.

Step 2 €“ Activation of Paypal in its website

Idenet facilitates the activation to him of Paypal in its website. It follows the instructions of his solution of electronic commerce to activate Paypal in his website.

It needs more information?

If it needs more information, it does not doubt in putting itself in touch with Weblia.es.

Note: Idenet is not authorized representing agent nor of Paypal. Only Paypal, or it represents authorized of Paypal, can provide the service to him. In order to obtain more data, it visits: www.paypal.es/empresas.



In Idenet we are Paypal Partners and we have ample experience in the implantation of the platform of Paypal payment.


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