Hosting and lodging Web


We offer the suitable and customized technical support to the concrete needs of each project. From the hiring of domains, Hosting and lodging Web dedicated, services of e-mail, to the management and implantation of certificates of security and services of backup copy and recovery.


Pon in our hands the technological support of your projects in Internet and dispon of stability and technological security. Idenet serves its of lodging on servers dedicated in property and administered by specialized personnel of Idenet, assigning the resources adapted to each project according to its needs without having to change of lodging supplier during the evolution and growth of your projects in Internet.

Hosting professional Web

We offer hosting and lodging Web with technical support for your projects of Internet, according to its needs, stable escalables, insurances and. Idenet serves its of lodging Web in its own dedicated, managed servers and administered by Idenet.

Management of dedicated servers

We form and we administered dedicated servers of high capacity for projects that require discharges needs of stability and continuity on watch, with solid hard disks, copy in mirror, monitoring 24/7 under servers of Idenet or client.

Backup copies

Backup copies daily and maintained in external servers, so that any eventuality can be solved quickly and with the lost minor of data, complementing and assuring our services of hosting and lodging Web.

Accounts of e-mail

Service of e-mail for all the domains that you have contracted with us. Accessible via configurable Web or in the premises and with measures anti-Spam and anti-virus.

Registry and management of domains

We carry out the hiring and renovation of the domains for your webpage, protecting them and assuring us that they are to your name or names of your company. We negotiate domains that are in property of others by means of escrow.

Externalizada management of DNS

We manage of external form the DNS of your dominos in international CDN to be able to act with the greater freedom at the time of transferring projects between servers before technical problems or permanent changes.

Certificates SSL

We transact the hiring and the installation of certificates of security SSL (secure socket to layer) so that your Web is safe in the transmission of communications in Internet and contributes to major confidence to your clients.

Confidence seal certification

We transact and we managed the adjustment of your Web to the exigencies of codes and seals of conduct to contribute a greater security to your clients at the time of contracting through your webpage or lies down virtual.

Information on services of support

Inform you into on our services of support and the solutions that we can contribute to your projects in Internet.


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