email Saragossa marketing


The campaigns of e-mail marketing have become a powerful resource of loyalty of clients and tool of loyalty. Its effectiveness has increased with the use of smartphones where already Lee of habitual form the e-mail.


Used suitably and without abuses they can improve the relation with the clients and increase his commitment with the brand, in addition to offering a simple, economic and measurable form of communication with the base of clients. Idenet develops to email plans long term marketing with all the services necessary to increase the subscribers and to make a communication by effective email.

Creation of campaigns

We manage your campaigns of email marketing with dedicated server ip and the strategy in which to base them, creating effective campaigns of amail marketing for different objectives as pick up, recovery of carts, promotions, launchings and loyalty of clients.

Design of mailing

The design of a mailing must consider diverse t©nicos aspects that facilten their opening and correct visualization in all the readers of mail, in addition to contributing an agreed and attractive creativity to the objectives to obtain. In Idenet we designed mailings considering all the factors, t©nicos, communicative and creative.

Information of results

We contribute to the complete and evolutionary analysis in the time of your campaigns of email marketing, with the purpose of applying to continuous improvements on the accumulated data of effectiveness and results of each campaign of realised email marketing.

Integration and personalisation of forms

The pick up of subscribers to whom later to communicate by means of email campaigns marketing requires to make attractive the process of subscription and to fulfill the established legal conditions. Idenet personalizes the attractive and comprehensible processes of subscription doing them for the user.

Management of lists of subscribers

A good management of mail lists allows to create campaigns differentiated according to the list and communication to realise, in addition to suitably managing the cancellations, Spam and results of each campaign and as it affects to the lists of email available.

Permisi³n marketing

We manage the hiring of services of permisi³n oriented marketing so much to companies as particular, we realised the design and we supervised to the correct accomplishment of the campaign and its results. The permisi³n marketing will allow to obtain to new clients and subscribers you to your virtual store or services online.

Budget for email campaigns marketing

Pon in march campaigns of pick up, launching and loyalty by means of the email marketing, requests your unlimited bandwidth hosting budget to us.


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