Not only you must have presence in Internet, need a design Web that suitably attracts and communicates your clients.


In Idenet we offer the design to you Web for the page of your company in Internet, contributing knowledge and experience in the planning, design and programming of the same. Offering adapted strategies to you to your business and objectives. Adaptable webpages for mobiles, study of usability, architecture of the information and integration with services of third parties. Pon the presence and communication of your company in Internet into the hands of professionals of the design Web.

Design Web WordPress

We par excellence create your webpage for the publisher of contents, WordPress. Working with groups or designs to size, according to your needs.Design Web WordPress €œ

Great projects

You have a great idea of business for Internet and you do not know as taking it to end. In Idenet we advised you in the planning your business online.Great projects €œ


Design Web to size

You need a high presonalizaci³n the design and interaction in your webpage? When the standard solutions do not serve we offer design and programming to size to you Web.Design Web to size €œ

Development of applications Web

We realise the development of applications Web of enterprise management to take your company to the cloud acceding from any device.Development of applications Web €œ


The program design Web of Idenet offers the opportunity to you to begin in Internet of economic, fast form and of quality with all the necessary services including. We make the design Web of your company by a quota of home and a monthly payment including the creation, design, lodging, domain, support and analytical Web in the service. Inform to you!




We realise the design Web of your page in adaptable format or €œresponsive€ facilitating the correct visualization in any type of device and size of screen, improving the usability allowing tactile navigation, taking to your information and services there where are and sail your clients.


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