In Idenet we are specialized in the design Web WordPress, with ample experience in implantation and modification of the management of wordpress to personalize it to your needs.


WordPress is the manager of contents Web, par excellence easy to use, flexible and adaptable any publication necessity of contents Web. To develop your webpage in WordPress contributes all the advantages to you to use free software widely extended, easy to use that it allows you to publish and to update contents in your webpage of simple form.

General configurations of WordPress

We make the correct configuration of all the options of WordPress trying any small detail to avoid any problem in his operation and indexing in finders.

Modification of management of WordPress

We modify the system of management of contents of WordPress according to the needs of information to publish and interaction of your webpage.

Modules of extension for WordPress

We select the most suitable modules for your webpage in WordPress, implanting and forming the same in your webpage correctly.

Formation for the use of WordPress

WordPress is a software of management of contents easy to use and intuitive, in just a short time we will have given the formation you necessary to publish and to modify contents in your Web with ease.

Technical support and advising for your webpage

We can give you to technical support and advising with respect to your strategy of contents and design of your webpage, as well as realise the necessary updates of new versions of WordPress.

Corporative blog WordPress

WordPress premite in addition to the creation of webpages with high functionalities, the edition of corporative blogs, being a tool perfectly optimized for the publication of post and the news.

Budget design Web WordPress

Ask for the budget to us for the design Web WordPress of the page of your business.


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