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Free software and the standard solutions do not adjust to the needs of your project. Idenet provides the solution to you. We to size design your store online for electronic commerce advanced b2b and b2c.


We advised you in the viability the model business, analysis of the competition and planning of the inersi³n, integrable services that can contribute value to your project of sale online. Any project Web that you can imagine, with integrated systems of management designed in accordance with the project with necessary integrations with services and software of third parties type CRM, SCM, ERP, etc€¦

Design lies down to size online

Programming and design php, apache, mysql that assure the continuity the project in the future and the work with third parties in accordance with lie down online the project on free technologies suppliers of services of development.

Complete planning of the business process online

Planning of the project of business online, design and model-making of the model of interaction and data based on the objectives of business and profile of final client.

Establishment of the minting models

Search of the models of minting and alternatives of promotion of the project evaluating the competition and the niche from market to which it goes directed.

Integration with advanced systems of data and processes

Integration with services online of third parties or software of management advanced for the streamlining and administrative process control through ERP, SCM, CRM, software to size and services of attention to the client, payments, etc€¦

Evaluation of yield and allocation of technical needs

Measurement of loads and yield in different scenes from activity for the evaluation of the technical needs of lodging and configurations necessary to assure the stability the project and its growth.

Hiring and management of technologies for the support of the project

Hiring of the technologies and configuration of the same according to the data of needs of yield for the lodging of the developed services, assuring the loading capacity processes of the system.

Creation of management manuals

Creation of manuals of the systems of management developed and customized formation on the same to the personnel responsible for the management of the project.

Security and certifications

Securizaci³n of dedicated servers, remote backup copies, DNS in external CDN for fast reassignment of servers, certificate implantation of corporative security SSL multidomain or.

Legal adjustment

Procedures in the agency of protection of data and legal adjustment of the project to the related legal exigencies to the same. LSSICE, Cookies, Law of consumption, LOPD€¦

Budget lies down to size online

Ask for the budget to us for your store online to size to start up your ideas.


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