Internet offers the opportunity to the companies to have applications client €“ servant and cloud computing, accessible from any device with connection to Internet, centralized and accessible.


It takes advantage of the advantages that offer the new technologies to order to us to the development of applications Web for your company, applications of enterprise, commercial or administrative management customized, with simple interfaces user, usables and accessible to optimize to the maximum the administration and management of your company, and ampl­alas when you need it. Idenet makes the development of applications Web to size on technology Web to facilitate the management of your company.

Programming of software Web

Planning, design and development of software in base Web. It uses the advantages of software in the cloud to equip to your company with flexibility in the management and access to enterprise software.

Development of software on free technologies

We program applications in open code and with license GNU lpg, of easy modification and growth.

Software cloud of information management

Software Web allows you to accede to all the information of your company without limitations, from any place and in real time, facilitating the remote work, collate data, and with all the necessary guarantees of security.

Applications Web of commercial management

Software for management of clients, budgets, invoicing, management of expenses and commercial planning. It facilitates the commercial work accelerating the processes of sale and commercial management.

Software accessible Web

All the information of your company centralized and accessible from any type of device with connection to Internet, through software management Web. Adaptable programming to accede from mobiles, tablets or PC.

Cloud deprived for software Web

Deprived Cloud, we installed your applications Web of management in dedicated and protected servers or if you prefer it in the servers of your company.

Budget development applications Web

Tell the needs us of your company to offer solutions to you of development of applications Web to improve your business.


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