It turns out complicated to understand the million to You data that offer the services to you of statistics Web, you do not know clearly as filtering all the information to give utility, or want him to have the data of all suppliers of services online in a single site. We have the solution.


Idenet to size develops dashboards statistical where the data are made easily comprehensible and useful to be able to take deciciones, unifying diverse sources of intelligence of services online and creating the metric ones as it requires your webpage, business in Internet or lies down online, facilitating the understanding and data analysis to you of the same. He makes the best decisions from business with accessible data and presented of simple form, we formed it for your business.

All the statistics in a single site

We put all the statistical data for its analysis in a single place, where you will be able to see the information of Google analytics, social networks, services of mail, your Web, blog, it lies down online, and services of third parties. We simplified and we unified the data to you of all services, so that to analyze information it is not a problem.

Without complex configurations nor filters

In the service of metric of Idenet you will not find complex filters, separated where to find hidden information or dificl to understand. We presented the necessary data to you so that you evaluate your business and activity in Internet without complications.

Accessible from any device

It accedes to the information from any device with access to Internet, mobile, tablet, portable PC€¦ ours dashboard has adaptable design, so that you can consult the information at any time.

Comprehensible data and without searches

In a single screen all the metric and data necessary to analyze, you do not waste time looking for between thousand options that you do not know where they take to you. We put them to you at sight and organized according to your needs.

Presented information of comprehensible form

We present the information of the form adapted for the data type to analyze. Graphs of lines, area, maps, or lists. We presented each metric one to you of the most comprehensible form for its analysis.

Metric to size

Your Web or services online will not gener¡n data adequately. We realise the automated extraction of data of your webpage or lies down online so that you do not need to any information in your dashboard of statistics and analytical Web.

Information on statistics Web

Inform to you into on dashboard of simple statistics Web that deasarrolla Idenet and begins to make better decisions.


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