In Idenet we have specialized to create store online Prestashop of your business, a free software that allows to have a virtual store in complete Internet, of fast, easy form to manage and with a reasonable cost.

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Contract the services of Idenet to start up your store online Prestashop with all the services necessary to begin to sell in Internet and to make electronic commerce of quality. We offer multiple services to you to create store online adapting it to the needs of your business, to realise the necessary improvements that they are required and the advising adapted for its evolution.

Implantation and Prestashop configuration

We realise the correct technical and operative implantation of your store online on the last stable versions of Prestashop and the configuration basic of the modules standard of Prestashop.

Design of store online

We to size make the design or starting off of commercial groups to adapt the appearance from your store to the needs of presentation of your products and image name brand to transmit.

Architecture of the information

We helped to plan and to develop the architecture you of the information, creation of categories and product organization in your store to do it simplest possible being applied to knowledge of usability and experience of user.

Integration of forms of payment

We carry out integration with banking the external services of payment for collection by credit card of the Spanish bank that you choose, with services of collection of paypal and other suppliers of payments online.

Configuration of logistic operator

We define the logistical matrices of operators adapted to the system of calculation of costs of shipment of conditional Prestashop by destiny and weight of the shipment. We establish the limits for the gratuitous shipment and the surcharge by contrareembolso.

General configurations

We assume the general configuration of all the necessary aspects of Prestashop for the correct operation of the store, configuration of taxes, language, standard activation of modules and its configuration.

Design of communications

Parametrizamos and we designed all the automatic communications that take the purchase processes online, warnings in screen, e-mails so that the communication contributes a suitable image.

Integration of services of third parties

We integrate all type of services and software of third parties suppliers in off/online for your virtual store, not only social systems of payment, but integration with systems of analytical Web, measurement, networks, accounting software, invoicing or of inventory.

Modules of extension

We recommended you and we installed the suitable modules of extension to the needs of your commercial activity in Internet more to improve your store online, Idenet to size has ample experience in the development of advanced modules.

Versions in languages

You want your store online in languages? Idenet is in charge to activate the languages and to make the correct configurations so that you can have your store online in different languages to extend your market and to obtain new clients.

Legal conditions

We review the legal conditions and we wrote up them according to estandar©s legal forced so that your store online fulfills and so the Spanish legislation it demands for being able to realise activities of electronic commerce in Internet.

Technical support and advising

We offer the lodging adapted for your project and its growth, hosting in servers as much dedicated property of Idenet, as servers dedicated managed and administered by us so that your store online never is disappointed.

Prestashop budget

It requests your budget now it lies down online Prestashop and it begins to sell by Internet!


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