The program of Idenet is a service for small businesses, independent and enterprising to create business webpage and of helping them to begin in Internet with all the services including.


The program design Web of Idenet offers a model cloud of webpage renting, on free software WordPress that will allow you to manage the contents of your webpage, by an initial quota of discharge and a monthly payment, counting on all the services necessary to have the design of a webpage of quality and the best advising. Our program to create webpage of your business allows you to begin in Internet of economic and fast form, with all the serivcios.

Free Software to create webpage

We create your webpage with the free software WordPress that will facilitate the management to you of the contents of your webpage having given you absolute indepencia of publication and organization of the contents.

Implantation of design for WordPress

Elije the best design enters groups selected for your company. We implant and we adapted the group of WordPress of design that you choose for your webpage.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting for WordPress on servers dedicated and managed by Idenet that to you speed and stability for your webpage assure.

Name of domain

We contract and we administered a name of domain of your election for your webpage including in the service design Web.


Accounts of mail including for the domain contracted with access Web, imap, and 2 capacity of Gb by account.

Support and advising

All the support and experience of Idenet to correctly manage the contents and direction of your webpage.

Backup copy of your webpage

And if sometimes you have problems you do not worry, the service design Web includes a incremental daily backup copy of 7 days in remote servers.

Legal adjustment of your Web

We review the legal needs of your webpage and facilitated the adjustment of the same to the exigencies regarding Internet.

Fast implantation

Ten available your webpage in a time record. The program design Web this preparation for a fast implantation of your Web with all the quality so that you begin to compete in Internet.

Budget design Web with

A quota of economic discharge and one couta monthly to have your webpage working in a few days and to put your company in Internet.


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