The program weblia.es lies down online gives answer to the question as home to sell by Internet? that small businesses, retail and enterprising commerces are estan doing.


The program weblia.es lies down online of Idenet offers a model cloud of renting of virtual store on free software Prestashop by an initial quota of discharge and a monthly payment, counting on all the services necessary to have a store online of quality and the best advising to begin to sell by Internet of an effective and competitive form.

Installation lies down virtual

Installation of the free software of vitual store Prestashop, technical configuration and home.

Implantation of design

Implantation and fits of a group of design to your election of the proposals that we will facilitate associates to your business and image.

Introduction of a logistic operator

Introduction of the tariffs of a logistic operator for a country.

Banking integration TPV

Banking integration of TPV of a Spanish bank to election of the client, paypal system, banking transference and contrareembolso.

Legal information

Introduction of the legally demanded standard legal information for the activity of electronic commerce.

Configuration of communications

Configuration of forms of automated contact and emails to clients by battles conducted in the store online.

Hosting lies down online

Hosting in format hosting on dedicated servers of Idenet, with possibility of extending them with the growth of the needs of the store.

Name of Domain

The service weblia.es lies down online includes the hiring and management of a name of domain and the management of its DNS.


10 accounts of mail for the domain contracted with access Web, imap, and 2 capacity of Gb by account.

Support and advising

Support for incidences with software and continuous advising with respect to action of electronic commerce and marketing online.

Remote backup copy

Daily remote backup copy in incremental format of 7 days, so that the data of your store are always safe before any incidence.

Services of Idenet for electronic commerce

You can contract all the services that Idenet offers for electronic commerce and our services of marketing online for your virtual store contracted through program weblia.es lie down online.

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