To announce in Internet Saragossa


If you want to announce in Internet the service of the program of Idenet is the ideal way to begin. Packs economic to begin to compete in Internet and to have a suitable initial launching.


The services of the program to announce in economic Internet offer a series to you of packs based on a quota of discharge and a monthly payment that will allow you to choose the type of marketing strategy with which you want to send your webpage to compete in Internet.

High in finders

We take the correct break in finders of your webpage or lies down virtual, opening of accounts in services necessary to control the evolution of the discharge in finders, being opened the door to work the positioning Web SEO.

Adwords publicity in finders

To announce in Internet is not difficult. We offer a home pack to you to begin to make publicity in the results search of Google by means of its service of Adwords. We continuously create and we optimized your campaigns of publicity in Google.

Positioning Web SEO

We study as is possible to be improved the positioning of your webpage in the finders for the key words that more you interes¡n and we give the suitable periodic recommendations you to improve the aspects that can help to increase your position in Internet.

Marketing of contents

It creates relations with your clients and possible contained clients offering to them of interest for them of periodic form. We make your blog, we defined your strategy of contents and we were in charge to create the suitable contents and to publish them in your blog periodically.

Email marketing

The email used marketing adequately is a powerful tool of loyalty and communication with your clients. We were in charge to make the email suitable and legal marketing fidelizar to your clients, designing the communications of your client e-mails.

Analytical Web

In all the services of marketing of the program of Idenet, we offer periodic reports to you of each realised activity making the correct pursuit of analytical Web to be able to make the adapted recommendations you to improve continuously.

Budget marketing online with

It chooses what of the services of marketing that offers to you the program of Idenet interests more to you and requests budget to begin to compete in Internet with the help and advising of specialized professionals.


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