To measure to know and to improve, this is the base of the analytical Web. A complex discipline that is not based on the capture of quantitative data, but in determining what information is necessary to know and to measure, as measuring it and later to interpret it with the aim of increasing the communicative and commercial effectiveness of the Web.


A powerful tool of marketing that allows to analyze the yield of the different actions from marketing, publicity, communication and promotion, including the evolution and results of strategies of SEO and marketing of content. Idenet Integra, forms and manages Google Anal­tics and other tools of analytical ofercer the best direction to you in your actions of marketing and experience of user on the basis of the results.

To measure to improve

Internet allows the measurement in real time of many of the actions of marketing, publicity and promotion online, allowing to modify the marketing actions during its execution. To realise correct an analytical Web that measures all the actions that take to end in Internet allows to improve continuously and to discover new opportunities to be more competitive.

Return of the investment

The ROI or return of the investment is the measurement of effectiveness of the conducted battles of marketing, to have a strict control of this value of yield will allow to control the economic performance of the actions and to make a comparison between the same to decide where to increase or to stop concrete actions. Idenet analyzes the ROI of all the propose actions and it advises to you in as improving your investment in marketing online.

Analytical Web outpost

Through the tools of analytical Web the advertising campaigns and actions, or the contracted operation of a Web, but also external services can be measured not only controlling their effectiveness and utility. Idenet Integra in its processes of analytical Web the contracted external services and creates to size metric for a correct analysis of the same.

Test A/B

Through the anl­tica Web Idenet it can evaluate not only factors of effectiveness and yield of promotion action, but also make studies of operation of different versions from your Web or application with the purpose of to improve unlimited hosting usability, architecture of the information and other factors with the purpose of to increase the attractiveness, the interaction and the obtaining of results with modifications of your Web or lies down online.

Multi-variate test

Idenet through the tools of analytical Web and establishment of events in your webpage or lies down online can measure the effectiveness of independent elmentos to improve it, as bellboys of call to the action, forms, elements of interaction, doing small modifications that improve the results of your activity in Internet.

Integration with Adwords

We integrate Google Analytics with Google Adwords to make an exact measurement of the results of the campaigns of publicity in Adwords and of extracting the greater volume of useful information on the operation, yield and indicators of the campaigns of publicity to improve them continuously.

Analytical budget Web

Solicit estimated from us of our services of analytical low cost vps hosting Web and we will discover to you as improving and to be more competitive.


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